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Career Opportunities in Union Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Programs in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana.
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      What is the Greater Cincinnati Apprenticeship Council?

      The Greater Cincinnati Apprenticeship Council (GCAC) is an organization of union building trade apprenticeship program directors.  Our purpose is to educate the community about the value of apprenticeship and the benefits of a career in the building trades industry. Apprenticeship is the gateway to many career opportunities which offer virtually unlimited advancement.

      What are the Benefits of a Union Sponsored Apprenticeship Program?

      Apprenticeship in the building trades is the doorway to opportunity.  Apprentices learn skills which can be used throughout their careers.  Today’s ambitious apprentices will become the supervisors, contractors, estimators and superintendents of tomorrow.  They will be instrumental in guiding co-workers and other apprentices to improve their trade skills.

      What is an Apprentice?

      An apprentice is a worker who learns a skilled trade through planned, supervised on-the-job training and related classroom instruction.  An apprentice is a regular part of the work force and earns wages while acquiring important skills.  The length of an apprenticeship program ranges from three to five years.

      How do I Prepare for Apprenticeship?

      For those interested in becoming a skilled journeyman, the importance of a well-rounded high school education cannot be over emphasized.  A strong background in math and science is important.  Good attendance is a necessity. Today’s competitive industry requires employees who can perform technical tasks, exercise good judgment and possess strong work ethics.

      How do I Get Selected?

      The selection of apprentices is conducted by the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) of each trade.  These committees are staffed by member representatives of both management and labor organizations.  Each JATC seeks men and women who demonstrate the best character, aptitude, motivation and personality traits conducive to success in their trade.

      What About Training?

      To be certain apprentices get proper training, both federal and state governments establish rules which supervise the progress of the trainee.  Each apprenticeship program must adhere to regulations and standards which are registered with the Ohio Apprenticeship Council.  The U. S.

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